Somkin Joes Fast Food Center, Nashik


Sarang Joshi

Nashik, Maharashtra

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About this Project  

It is an outdoor Restaurant/ Fast Food Center in Nashik City, Maharashtra, India. It was an outdoor open space of a Hotel with lots of shrubs & Plantation. Our intetion of Planning was not to disturb the existing locations of Trees & Plants i.e. Blending the structure with nature. The whole structure is in M.S. Fabrication enchased by RCC on which layer of Natural Stones are laid. Roof is cover with double layer of Galv- Aluminium Sheets to reduce heat transfer. Double layer of Polycarbonate Sheets are provided to increase natural light. The slope of the roof is so adjusted that the rain water naturally falls into the Plantation Area. The ambience of Artifial Lighting is given in such a way to enchance the nature & natural stones.

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