Rutu Farm - A holiday home, Satara


Ravi Gadre

Pune, Maharashtra

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About this Project  

The 21st century is an era of information technology , resulted in to various issues like changed life style especially of the i.t. Employees , economic status, social life and concern etc. Which i term as ? neo urban life ?. This created lot of tensions of various nature , due to rat race and short cuts for achievements, competition, working style and hectic schedule, nuclear family pattern . People are travelling out of their cities to different tourist destinations, like beaches, resort spa?s, hill stations, which are developed for recreation, relaxasion, releasing the tensions. Earlier the tourism was limited to holy pilgrimages, yatras, fairs , and visiting relatives places. Thus the hotels and resorts industry flourished allowing verious types of activities like river rafting, nature walks, mountaineering, treckking, bird watching, archeology, etc.

Project Info (Category / Project Cost / Period of Project)

Category :
Large Residential Building (Farm House etc.)
Cost :
60.00  INR
Area :
651.06 SQ.M
Client / Owner :
Mahangade brothers
Project status :
Period of Project :
24 month(s)
Project / Company Website :
Submission Type :
Professional Submission

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